Contact KCC Suzuki Studio:

Karin is currently accepting new students ages 4 and up at her home studio in Lyndhurst, VA.

She also offers in-home lessons in students’ homes for an addition $2/lesson to help cover the cost of gas.

Tuition can be billed monthly or quarterly.

Tuition rates are calculated by multiplying the number of yearly lessons x lesson rate then divided by 12. Breaks are built in to the schedule including holidays and school breaks.

For example: on average, a student has 43 lessons per year. 43 x 25 = $1075/12 = $90/month

Travel student example: 43 x 27 =$1161/12 = $97/month

Lesson rates:

30 min lesson = $25/lesson

45 min lesson = $35/lesson

60 min lesson = $45/lesson

Sibling discounts: $2 off per lesson

For questions or to schedule lessons, please email Karin Constant at or call/text her at (434) 806-3559.