Monkey Song

After learning basic keyboard geography, letter note names, middle C, treble & bass clef and finger numbers, a student begins learning his/her first song. While the age of the child typically determines the starting point in the repertoire, usually students begin with “The Monkey Song”.

The Monkey Song is a pre-twinkle song designed to teach the student a five-note scale, musical direction and finger independence. Some children master this song very quickly, while others take several weeks, depending on the level of coordination they possess and how well they can isolate each finger. Because the last thing anyone wants to listen is a child plunking away at the keys sounding like a woodpecker, special attention is given to producing quality tone from day one. Students are taught to gently touch the keys first before pressing down, eliminating the “pecking motion”. Once a student has mastered these skills, he/she is prepared to move on the four twinkle variations.