Practicing Performing

In addition to private lessons, children participate in regular group lessons and performances at which they learn from and are motivated by each other. Karin offers group lessons on a monthly basis. She likewise encourages students to play whenever they can in front of others once they are able to. Playing at nursing homes or in front of family members gives students a chance to gain experience playing with others watching and helps to build their confidence.

Additionally, when choosing a piece to play for a performance, Karin suggests her students pick one that they have completely mastered, not their most recent piece. For example, if Karin were to be playing in Carnegie Hall, she would choose to play songs from of the Suzuki repertoire that she is extremely familiar with. Because the goal on stage is not to impress or to show all that we  know, she would be able to be free on stage and enjoy performing. If one is stressed out over performing a complicated piece, they will not be free on stage to enjoy the piece. Karin encourages her students to perform songs they have mastered so that they can savor their public performances and have a positive experience. “Success breeds success” as Dr. Suzuki says.